Compassionate Senior Care in Fort Myers, FL

Are you a Fort Myers senior looking for an in-home senior care provider that you can relate to?  Seniors Helping Seniors® Southwest Florida has a unique peer-to-peer in-home senior care program. Most of our caregivers are seniors too. Who better to understand what you’re going through than one of your peers? Our compassionate senior care services focus on companionship, and building strong relationships between our clients and their caregivers. We believe that this results in a situation that is mutually beneficial for both parties. Ultimately this leads to a higher quality of in-home care for you.

We use a matching process to make sure that you are paired with a caregiver that has a similar personality, interests, and schedule. Every in-home care experience feels like getting a little help from your friends®.

One of the things we’re most proud of here at Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care services, is our custom care plans. We want to make sure that you are getting all of the services you want and need.  Maybe you’re looking for a little bit of help around the house, or maybe you’re looking for a lot, everyone’s needs and in-home care expectations are different, and we want you to have the final say on the services that you’re getting from us. You can add services at any time, for instance, if you have surgery and need to ramp up your care for a few weeks to ensure a speedy recovery. You can also remove services at any time if you find that you don’t need them. Your plan is entirely in your control. Our main focus is providing you with the care you need to continue living comfortably, happily, and safely in your own home.


Senior Care for a Loved One in Fort Myers, FL

As more seniors are choosing to age in place rather than move to a nursing home, or assisted living community, many adults are finding themselves having to provide care for their aging parents. Depending on the level of care that your loved ones need, this can be a stressful task when paired with a full-time job and taking care of your own family. Let Seniors Helping Seniors® Southwest Florida take care of the in-home senior care. That way you can focus on spending quality time with your aging loved ones.

Our friendly caregivers can provide your loved one with much-needed companionship and consistent social interaction. Companionship is a huge factor when it comes to the mental and emotional health of seniors who choose to live independently. When living alone, it’s easy for feelings of isolation and depression to creep in. That’s why our program focuses on building strong relationships between our clients and their caregivers. When you spend quality time with someone you enjoy being around and consider a friend, it’s much easier to stave off depression and loneliness. We offer a wide variety of different in-home care services.

Some of our most popular senior care services in Fort Myers include:

What You Can Do To Help

Our caregivers can provide your loved one with the care they need, whenever they need it. If your loved one needs help getting out of bed in the morning and getting breakfast on the table, or help doing the dishes after dinner, we will find a caregiver that can be there for them when they need it most. We even have caregivers that provide overnight care.

Seniors Helping Seniors® Southwest Florida is proud to be the preferred in-home senior care service in Fort Myers, FL. Contact us today to find out how we can build an individualized care plan for you or your loved one!


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