Considering In-Home Senior Care for a Loved One?

Someone I love needs helpHaving a caring, dedicated companion by the side of your family member can make all the difference in the world – for you and your loved one. At Seniors Helping Seniors® Southwest Florida Senior Care Services  we change people’s lives®.

While independent seniors often find it difficult to accept assistance, they are much more open to the idea of Homemaker/Companion services provided by a fellow senior. We deliver trusted, reliable, affordably priced care provided by mature, active seniors who not only attend to your loved one’s needs but also make a personal connection with them.

The result is a greater sense of independence and happiness for a senior and more peace of mind for you. Plus, with us lending a helping hand, you no longer have to feel so overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of the “sandwich generation” and can spend more quality time with your loved one. In a few hours, our caregivers can provide much-needed companionship while also tending to a variety of tasks.

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Not Sure if You Could Use a Helping Hand Caring for Your Loved One?

We’ve found that many people who regularly provide care to senior loved ones can lose sight of their own well-being, and often feel overwhelmed. Take a moment to answer the questionnaire below, prepared by the American Medical Association, to assess your own well-being.

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When you’re ready to take the next step for your senior’s personal care, when you can’t be there®, contact us.